FAQ – Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a revolutionary product that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to individual eyelashes, one at a time, for a natural, elegant and luscious look. Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions as well as for every day wear.

It is unlikely as the bonder doesn’t touch the skin; the lashes are bonded to the natural lash and not the lid.

No, you have the option of different lengths, thickness and colours, including Velvet Purple and Mountain Green.

With proper application, Eyelash Extensions look and feel completely natural.

Eyelashes can last up to 90 days… This is possible if correct maintenance, fills & easy aftercare are adhered to. It also depends on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes and the expertise of the extensionist applying the eyelash extensions.

Yes. Our specially formulated bonder allows you to shower, swim, exercise, sleep and spa worry-free while wearing eyelash extensions. You can enjoy these lashes with little need to adjust your lifestyle. Please do not swim or spa for 48 hours after the procedure to allow the bonding agent to fully cure. After this, you can swim and spa – worry free.

NO. Only a trained professional can apply eyelash extensions. Unprofessional application or self-application may cause eye injury or clumpy, unnatural looking lashes. Eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time to your individual natural eyelashes to achieve long, thick and natural looking eyelashes.

We recommend going for a fill every two to four weeks. A natural eyelash falls out every 60 to 90 days on average due to the natural growth cycle and is naturally replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. At any given moment, each of your natural eyelashes is at a different stage of its life cycle. A fill is needed to replenish the lashes that have completed their life cycle. Fills generally take a short time and are relatively inexpensive.

Indeed, one of the main advantages of eyelash extensions does never need mascara again. However, if you must have the mascara look, only water based mascara can be used. You can purchase our specially formulated Unstoppable mascara here or from your local eyelash extensions representative. Only apply mascara on the tips. DO NOT USE WATERPROOF MASCARA. Waterproof mascara needs to be taken off with an oil based eye make-up remover which will dissolve the bonding agent in the long run and cause the eyelash extensions to fall off.

Any oil free eye makeup remover may be used. Caution must be exercised when cleaning the eyes as extreme rubbing could damage the bonds. Lasting lashes retails a specially designed eyelash extensions eye makeup remover.

Depending on your location and the amount of eyelash extensions needed, professionals are currently charging between R500 and R1000 per application.

Hollywood has long since enjoyed extending their beauty with Eyelash Extensions. Models and actors have been using eyelash extensions for years. Now, you can have them too. Because they look so real, anyone could be wearing them and you would never know! Be the first in your area to wear Eyelash Extensions.

This service is extremely safe when performed by a trained and certified professional using approved products.

No, when individual lash extensions are applied or removed in the correct manner, there is no risk of lash loss. Only forces such as puling, rubbing or plucking from the actual follicle will cause damage.

Individual lashes as the name implies are grafted individually to each single natural lash using specific techniques. Clusters are lashes with groups of 4-6 hairs. Extreme caution should be exercised when using our bonder to apply these as this could result in severe loss of natural lashes.

To maintain eyelash extensions please care for them in the following manner:

Adequate bonding takes approximately 24 – 48 hours. Do not wet lashes at all during this period.
Avoid the following activities for 48 hours – facials, steaming, rubbing eyes, sunbeds, excessive sweating, spa, etc.
Only use oil-free eye makeup remover and be gentle when cleansing the eye area. Use Lasting Lashes’ Unstoppable mascara on the tips of the extensions – not from the root of the eyelashes. Do not use regular mascaras as this will affect the bonding of the eyelash extensions
Ensure that you go for your regular fill. This is recommended every 2 – 4 weeks to replace any lashes that may have fallen off.
Should you no longer require lashes please return to the extensionist for professional removal.
Pulling out of lashes may result in permanent loss of lashes or retarded growth.