Price List

Lashes Price
full set lashes individual – Individual lashes are more natural looking eyelash extensions giving a subtle looking lash. Available in various lengths depending on client preferance. R550
1 week fill R160
2 week fill R200
3 week fill R240
4 week fill R350 +
full set lashes volume – Volume lashes give a much more fuller looking eyelash extension giving a dramatic looking lash. Available in various lengths depending on client preferance. R650
1 week fill R180
2 week fill R220
3 week fill R260
4 week fill R400 +
Facials Price
basic / deep cleanse facial – This facial is ideal for skins that need a thorough clean. It is comprised of steaming, extraction, HF treatment and a mask according to skin type and need. R350
specialised facial – This facial is ideal for clients that need a relaxing, anti aging treatment with extra pampering. R550
peeling treatment – This facial is to treat a specific need, e.g resurfacing, rejuvenation, refining, anti aging depending on the skin type. from R550 – R750
high frequency – Used especially for problem skins that need drying, refining and anti bacterial action. R120
teenage facial – For all the teenagers at the early stages of skin problems, we clean and treat the skin accordingly. R280
dermapen – This treatment pierces the skin to trigger collagen production and improves elasticity with minimal epidermal damage. Beneficial for acne scarring, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines. This rejuvenating, tightening treatment offers amazing results. R850
dermaplanning – Dermaplanning is a pain free treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair using a blade, leaving your skin brigher, smoother, glowing and more youthful. R350
dermaplanning add-on R250
Nails Price
gel overlay R270
french gel overlay R290
gel fill R240
gel soak & overlay R330
natural gel overlay tips R350
gel ombre R370

acrylic overlay R300
french acrylic overlay R320
acrylic fill R250
acrylic tips & overlay R350

soak off R120
silk repair – per nail R40
nail art R30
manicure R200

gel toes R220
pedicure & cutex R250
mini pedi & gel toes R320
soak & toe gel R250
add paraffin wax R80
pedi & gel R350
add pedi peel R70
Tints Price
eyelash tint R80
eyebrow tint R50
lash & brow tint & shape R160
brow tint & shape R90
Permanent Make-up Price
eyeliner R1100
eyeliner – top / bottom R850
eyebrows R1350
lip-liner R1100
full lips R1700
Permanent make up touch up after 3 months
eyes touch up R750
full lips R1150
eyebrows R850
Massage Price
back & neck (00h30 min) R280
full body (01h00) R400
Make-Up Price
trial make-up R350
bridal make-up R950
special function R700
Tanning Price
caribbean tan R320
fake bake R350
Waxing/ Sugar/ Threading Price
arms R120
brows R50
lip R45
lip & chin R65
lip & brow R80
hollywood – removes entire bikini area R220
full face from R160
bikini – removes sides of bikini area R125
brazilian – removes extended bikini area R200
half leg R145
full leg – ladies R185
full leg – men from R250
underarm R90

Venus Versa Hair Removal


Face Price
Eyebrows R200
Lip R200
Chin R250
Jawline R300
Full Face R700
Arms Price
Underarms (both) R400
Forearms R700
Full Arms R1400

Bikini Price
Standard Bikini (sides) R450
Brazilian R550
Full Bikini R700
Legs Price
Lower Leg (including knee) R1600
Upper Leg R1400
Full Leg R2800
Popular Combinations Price
Lip & Chin R350
Underarm & Standard Bikini R750
Underarm & Full Bikini R950


Face Price
Eyebrows R200
Side Burns R300
Nose R150
Ears R200
Neck (front & back) R650
Beard R700
Arms Price
Underarms R500
Forearms R1250
Full Arms R1900
Legs Price
Lower Leg (including knee) R1800
Full Leg R3200
Feet & Toes R350
Chest & Abdomen Price
Chest R1400
Abdomen R1300
Chest & Abdomen R2500
Back Price
Half Back R1500
Full Back R2800