Can the pigment or tattoo be removed if the client does not like it?


Yes the pigment can be removed but there are no guarantees that it will come out completely and it usually requires at least 3 treatments. There are removal aids which can be used to tattoo the pigment out of the skin but extreme care must be taken as the process is intricate and can only be performed by experienced permanent make-up artists.

Some advice and aids:

  • Proper aftercare ensures better results
  • If you are unsure – don’t do it – it is permanent so be certain you want it done.
  • Eyeliner and Lip-liner enhance the eyes and lips, eyebrows frame the face.
  • Perfect candidates are sportsmen and woman, those who struggle to see properly to apply make up themselves and those living rushed lives as it is get up and go!
  • Skin stretch around the eyes is minimised as you don’t have to apply eyeliner daily
  • Ensure you have referrals of the permanent make-up artist who is going to perform your treatment
  • Rather underestimate than overestimate – you can always go darker or thicker with your touch up
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